“No human being can attain a perfect knowledge of the truth.”

— Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274 AD)


“It is a contest, this present life: if so , to fight is our business.  It is war and battle.  In war one does not seek to have rest, in war one does not seek to have dainty living, one is not anxious about riches, one’s care is not for a wife then,  One thing only he looks at, how he may overcome his foes.  Be this our care likewise.  If we overcome, and return with the victory, God will give us all things.  Let this alone be our study,, how we may overcome the devil.  Yet after all, though we study, it is God’s grace that does the whole business.”  — John Chrysostom, Homilies on Acts (c. 347 – 407)