My name is Scott.  I am both a Registered Nurse and a Pastor.  This blog was created for one purpose only – to give me a place to express my thoughts and post sayings or short articles that I think are relevant and necessary for the spiritual health of anyone who stops by to read.  This is not a place for theological debate, contentious arguments, acid opinions, or rancorous condemnation toward those who might hold a different interpretation of Scripture from you.  Those types of posts will, most assuredly, be quickly deleted.  There are other forums for contentious religious debate.  This is not one of them.  What I hope to provide here, however, is a place of rest from those things and from the ubiquitous madness that is in the world today ;  a place of “quiet waters” as the Psalmist has portrayed, a place of spiritual rest.  If you find a quote or have a thought that might be uplifting or benefit your brother or sister in the Lord, then please share it.  That is what this site is about.


God bless,

Bro. Scott


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